Scope of Operation

Empowerment: We are committed through our service provision to enabling our participants to reach their potential to achieve their goals and experience their dreams

Established in 2003, Avocare currently operates as a not for profit RTO and Community Based Social Enterprise, purpose structured to deliver innovative and holistic personal development, education and employment programs.

Each of our programs focuses on the development of community connectedness, inclusivity and the promotion of mutual obligation that ignites interest and fosters enthusiasm.

Avocare’s ongoing success can be attributed to our ability to tailor programs and supervision to reflect the individual needs of our participants. Our programs centre on the premise that each participant is unique with individual hopes and goals that require customised training and/or work experience plans.

Avocare Learning Solutions

As a Registered Training Organisation currently delivering Government funded Nationally Accredited Qualifications and a Learn Local Community Education Provider, Avocare is able to offer a diverse range of education options that will engage and support the learner.

Training Code of Practice

Avocare is committed to the development and maintenance of high standards in the provision of education, training and learner support.

Our Standards of Service encompass the following principles:

  • We promote the highest level of ethical practice in all of our services
  • We view ourselves as a highly professional organisation
  • We employ qualified trainers, supervisors and support staff who consistently aim for excellence
  • We are committed to ethical, accurate and professional marketing
  • We promote accessible and equitable opportunities
  • Confidentiality is a high priority for us
  • We support our learners to achieve their full potential
  • We act fairly and equitably in dealing with grievances and appeals

Scope of Registration

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Certificate II in Business BSB20107
Certificate III in Business BSB30110
Certificate I in Warehousing Operations TLI11210
Certificate II in Warehousing Operations TLI21610
Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20307
Certificate II in Community Services CHC20112
Certificate III in Aged Care CHC30208
Certificate III in Home & Community Care CHC30312
Certificate III in Disability CHC30408
Certificate III in Children’s Services CHC30708
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment TAE40110

Nationally Recognised Short Courses

Perform CPR HLTCPR201B
Provide Basic Emergency Life Support (Workplace Level I) HLTFA211A
Apply First Aid (Workplace Level II) HLTFA311A
Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures (Food Handlers Level 1) SITXOHS002A
Implement Food Safety Procedures (for Food Safety Supervisors) SITXSA001A
Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee (Barista Basics) SITHFAB012B
Assist Clients with Medication CHCCS305C

Learn Local Pre Accredited Courses

4 Day Customer Service Workshop CS13
Practical Computer Skills PCS13
Workplace Language, Literacy and Numeracy Course WLLN2
Working Effectively in a Modern Workplace (4 Day Workshop) WE13

Avocare Community Connect

Work Experience Community Projects

Avocare is an experienced provider of quality work experience opportunities for jobseekers. Our strength lies in our extensive local labour market knowledge and established relationships with both the non-profit and private sectors. We have designed and facilitated in excess of 200 highly successful Work Experience Activities across three Employment Service Areas (ESA’s) since 2003.

Feedback from the community and jobseekers demonstrates that work experience is a valuable and integral service that creates opportunity for jobseekers to overcome barriers and re-engage with their community whilst developing key employability skills.

We strongly believe that Work Experience Activities have the capacity to improve disadvantaged and disengaged jobseekers lives by providing the opportunity to learn, develop and build skills in a supportive and positive environment.

Referral to one of our Work Experience Activities comes directly through one of our affiliated Job Services Australia Providers (JSA’s).

Current Work Experience Activities:

Avocare Community Connect Distribution Centre and Kitchen
Avocare Connect Book Barn: Rescue, Re-cycling and Resale
Dandy Heritage
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital: Garden, Restoration & Maintenance
Peninsula Brokered Work Experience Placement