Training Services

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Training Services

Avocare is an innovative and holistic Registered Training Organisation delivering a variety of Nationally Accredited Qualifications, Short Course and Pre- accredited training solutions in both the private and business sectors.

Our flexible training model can be adapted to suit individual business needs using an extensive training needs analysis that identifies actual training requirements. The outcome is a tailored training plan than can be delivered either in the classroom or workplace using a flexible delivery mode if required.

Our Qualification courses are industry specific

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  • Warehousing Operations
  • Community Services
  • Hospitality
  • Business
  • Training

Our Short Courses can qualify employees in;

  • First Aid
  • Food Handling
  • Coffee Making
  • Medication Dispensation

We can train small or large groups in a range of topics for general industry skills or specialised professional development and our pre accredited training solutions can be developed to suit a specific training niche within your business that is not covered under our qualifications or short courses.

After a negotiated training needs analysis a flexible contextualised learning plan can be developed with targeted and measurable outcomes that engage your staff in an identified learning pathway.

Avocare will provide;

  • Flexible, self paced facilitation and resources
  • A qualified training mentor offering individual learner support
  • On the job training and assessment
  • Open communication
  • Holistic and flexible training methods that practice inclusivity