Welcome to Avocare. We provide a comprehensive list of services to support the needs of local communities.

Our services are targeted at supporting and improving the lives of local communities by providing food relief packages and material aid assistance. For over ten years, we have been at the forefront of addressing the needs of local communities. Within this period, we have served thousands of families with food, clothing, and housing aid.

We collaborate with local charities to ensure our reach is wide and covers all the affected families across various communities. We have a distribution centre strategically located to serve the needs of communities and ensure they have unhindered access to aid.

Asides from food and material aid, we are also the largest provider of skill training to job-seekers, which helps them learn the required skills to secure their desired jobs. This is a way of further alleviating communities by building people with gainful employment.

Our Mission

To support vulnerable families with all they need to foster sustainable living.

Our Services

We have a long list of services through which we attend to the needs of the community. These services help us offer a keen form of support that tackles all the things battling affected families. They include

Suited Up

We offer the Suited For Work services freely, in order to ensure that everyone can access good suits and get their job interviews. Once you are a job seeker with the government health care card, you can access our services and get the suit that fits your body and offers you great confidence when you walk it.

Material Aid

Vulnerable populations that need food also often need material aid such as clothes and shoes, which help them survive tough weather and also maintain their human dignity. Therefore, we ensure to cover beyond food needs and also include aids that can help families sustain tough periods. By doing so, we are able to cover the major needs of the affected communities. This helps us to strengthen communities and put them in a great shape.

Work for the Dole

With our “Work for the Dole” program, we offer the opportunity to bridge this gap by providing job seekers with the access to learn globally relevant skills that can help them learn the jobs they need. The program is designed to help you develop the needed attitude and skills required to get and sustain a job. Our model takes note of the innovations in the world and the emerging skills, and as such, we employ innovative strategies to address the gaps.

Food Relief Program​

Our food relief program is targeted at helping the vulnerable members of the community get access to food. We conduct research to determine those who are mostly affected in the community. Food is a great deal and the inability to have access to good food has been a problem in several communities. This makes it expedient to bridge that gap so we can solve the problems battling different communities. Providing access to food is also a way to prevent diseases that arise from the paucity of food.