Get Material Aid Assistance

At Avocare, our primary objective is food relief and here is how we do that.

Food Relief

We have a strong relationship with the community through which we ensure that the needs of the community are adequately met. Our goal is to ensure that the vulnerable members of the community are catered for. This helps us to serve the needs of the members of the community who have been affected one way or the other. We ensure that we place priority on the importance of food and getting the needed food across to those in need. This forms the focal point of our services, as we aim that the members of the community do not have to go hungry because of their difficulty to access food.

Our food relief program is targeted at helping the vulnerable members of the community get access to food. We conduct research to determine those who are mostly affected in the community. Food is a great deal and the inability to have access to good food has been a problem in several communities. This makes it expedient to bridge that gap so we can solve the problems battling different communities. Providing access to food is also a way to prevent diseases that arise from the paucity of food. This helps to put the community in a great shape and ensure that all children are well fed and no one is left behind.

Our core goal is food sustainability. We want to ensure that communities have access to sustainable food. That is, they continue to have food to eat, as against a one-off program. Food is a crucial part of life and its importance cannot be overstated. The paucity of food continues to affect several families and prevent them from being active enough to go about their daily activities. This reduces the efficiency of a community, and makes things worse altogether. As a result, we constantly work with local charities to ensure we reach our target market.

Material Aid

However, although our primary objective is to provide food, we also ensure to extend the scope of our services to material aid, as we believe that the two go hand in hand. Vulnerable populations that need food also often need material aid such as clothes and shoes, which help them survive tough weather and also maintain their human dignity. Therefore, we ensure to cover beyond food needs and also include aids that can help families sustain tough periods. By doing so, we are able to cover the major needs of the affected communities. This helps us to strengthen communities and put them in a great shape.

Over the years, we have been able to provide over 2 tons of shoes and clothing to different families. This has helped families with improved shelter and helped them to better maintain their human dignity. We have also helped several households up to 50 with assistance concerning aid to support their houses. We have further distributed nothing less than four tons of books to children to aid them in their reading.