Where Students Learn From The Best

We understand the need for environments that make it possible for students to learn and gain the right skills that can help them out with several things in life. There is a need for unending education and it is important to foster programs that can continue serving these needs. We want students to have a platform through which they can learn about food processing and related things. This is why we offer our student apprenticeship program which offers students the opportunity to learn from the best hands in a convenient schedule that doesn’t affect their schooling.

We have a properly structured apprenticeship program that contemplates the schedules of secondary school students and offers a designed program to help train them. Our program is in partnership with the National Food Institute, which strengthens the quality of the program and ensures that the students get nothing lesser than excellent and compliant training. With this training arrangement, students can learn warehousing and good processing skills, which help to widen their knowledge base, and give them access into the food production world.

Our programs are certified, which means students receive certificates after they complete their training sessions. This is something that can go into their CVs to demonstrate the skills they possess and the certifications they have been able to gather alongside their schooling. The students that make it into our apprenticeship program have the opportunities to get mentoring sessions from our experienced staff, who can put them through all forms of difficulties they may have and even link them up with relevant opportunities.

Our program offers students a comprehensive experience. You get to work with a supervisor to guide you through, while you deliver your tasks independently to ensure you are understanding the lessons. There are also effective communication channels that ensure you get the help and support you need as and when due. We also contemplate the needs of special students in our training. This is why we offer one on one sessions in that regard to deepen the lessons and tailor the training to the realities of the students. This makes the program a comprehensive one that serves the needs of students irrespective of their disabilities.

With us, students get to learn from the best who have had years of experience in the sector. Our staff members have been engaged in the industry for years, and have what it takes to teach secondary school students in a simple manner. Our supervisors will look out for your needs and help you devise the best ways to address them. We also ensure to put students to tasks so we can engage what they know. This helps us to ensure that we are indeed building students with the relevant food processing knowledge, and not just students with theoretical knowledge.