Get Job-relevant Skills

We understand the importance of gainful employment and we provide programs that can help address this issue. Securing job employment can be tough for affected communities. There are a number of things that often impeded the ability to get gainful employment that is sustainable. One of such is the inability to display the requisite skills that are needed for the job. This often results from the skills gap existing in communities. Jobs are fast evolving and there is a need to bridge the gaps with skills and get the right skills that can serve the needs of the jobs out there.

With our “Work for the Dole” program, we offer the opportunity to bridge this gap by providing job seekers with the access to learn globally relevant skills that can help them learn the jobs they need. The program is designed to help you develop the needed attitude and skills required to get and sustain a job. Our model takes note of the innovations in the world and the emerging skills, and as such, we employ innovative strategies to address the gaps. The program not only allows you develop skills directly relating to the job, but also social, vocational, generic, and other life skills you will need to have a great time in your job and life generally.

We have a set of experienced trainers with years of experience in training people on relevant skills and helping them secure their dream jobs. This offers you the avenue to learn from the best and get yourself positioned for the next job that comes your way. Preparation is key to landing a job and this is exactly what we offer you. Without trainers, you can maximise your learning opportunity and get impressive results that will deliver you meaningful employment.

We also offer access to workshops where it is needed for participants. Our development and training of the community leverages local linkages to ensure that our teaching services can be accessed by all the members of the community who need it. We also help participants get placements within organisations in the community through which the participants can learn on the job and out their skills to use. This helps to strengthen the lessons of participants and prepares them for their interview or work experiences.

We want everyone to have the required skills so that they can connect with the larger community and those at their workplace. The importance of cognitive, life, and social skills cannot be understated in today’s world. There is a need to bridge the skills gap and this is what we offer with the “Work for the Dole” strategy.

With our program, you can rest assured that you will get the access to the best skill training services that will serve your needs. What more? We also ensure to have a flexible time arrangement, which can conveniently fit your schedule and afford you the opportunity to learn with ease.